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6 thoughts on “Treasure Coast Membership List

  1. John Sundstrom

    call is N8YQD. I checked in the the net from North Hutchinson Island near Vero beach this winter. Now I am at home qth in Grand Haven, MI

  2. tom

    Helloevery body on the net today 5-3-2013 When you see this if you do hi hi hi.
    It seems i always have to get a relay from Clayton KB8LAG

  3. tom

    Im still alive but alot of things going on
    Like my daughter in the hospital and now she will be going to a nursing home
    She had a Stroke , cant walk goor see good or think good

    If I get happyer I be back on the RADIO
    73 CUL Tom

  4. Ricky Kurtz

    Hi Robert,

    Ricky K9VMS (former K4VMS) here.

    IBMer and former Head Engineer for GE.

    I heard you played Golf with my sister.

    Please contact me at or 941-697-0061.

    This is faster than pop (plain old post office).
    Don't know even what a stamp looks like anymore.

    Look forward to chatting with you.

    Ricky K9VMS

  5. Jon Wollerman

    Enjoying the friendly group called Treasure Coasters. I am a former IBM'r, and radio amateur since 1953, and ex-golfer.


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